About the chapter

The optical society (OSA) and international society of optics and photonics (SPIE) provide funding for young researchers who have an interest in the broad field of optics ranging from material sciences to the use of advanced microscopy techniques in life sciences. By providing funding to our KU Leuven chapter, we can organize scientific, professional development, social and youth outreach events throughout the year.


The current board consists of a mix of PhD students in chemistry, engineering and biomedical sciences:


President: Charlotte Verstraete

Vice-President: Michèle Moris

Secretary: Youcef Kazwiny

Treasurer: Hendrik Reynders

Board: Marie Mulier


New elections are held every year, often in the beginning of the academic year. Chapter members are all eligible to vote for the upcoming board!


Are you interested in joining our chapter? Or are you already a member, and want to be more involved in the chapter? Talk to one of the current officers, or send a mail to spiekul@gmail.com for more information!