Company Visits: February 20

Dear Chapter members,


As we (and probably you too) are curious about general optics or photonics and optoelectronics in life sciences not in a lab at the university, but in a real company, we arranged an entire day of companyvisits.

When, you ask? Tuesday, the 20th of February, we meet at 9:40 a.m. in front of the Imec tower. There we get a presentation on the company and a guided tour. 
At noon we will go to Alma together and the chapter will provide lunch for all participating members.

In the afternoon we are expected at 
Tomra sorting NV. Also, here a presentation and a visit through the company are planned. The visit will end at 5 p.m.

What do you have to do to assure your spot for this trip as the number of participants is limited? Fill in following registration form at least before February 7. A more detailed time table and meeting location will be send after registration has ended.

The transportation from one to the other location will be by bike. The ride to Tomra is less than half an hour and should not be a problem. In case of bad weather, we go by bus. If you don’t have a bike, please let us know by checking the box in the registration form.

Best regards,

Charlotte Verstraete

President of SPIE/OSA KU Leuven Student Chapter


By the way, the SPIE/OSA KU Leuven Photo Contest is still running! All pictures are welcome at with a small description on the content and the photographer. The winner will be announced on May 30 at our Chapter BBQ. Any image that is research-related is taken in consideration. All researchers that submitted a photo will get a prize.

Other activities to already add to your calendar are:
March 22: Lecture by Jean-luc Doumont

April: Lunch meeting. Are you interested in giving a talk, or do you have a suggestion for a specific speaker, please let us know!
Did you already become a member to SPIE or OSA? Please let us know if you newly subscribed, to also become a member of our Student Chapter.



First lunch meeting!

Dear student chapter members and interested students,

This week we will have our first lunch meeting! The board members will all present their research to you in four short presentations. Afterwards, we will treat you to kebab! Again, like with our first activity, this is free for members, we ask for a €5 fee for non-members.

Please register for this event via the form by Tuesday, October 24, 12.00! The meeting will take place on October 25, 12.00 in Celestijnenlaan 200D, 06.32.

Best regards,
Charlotte Verstraete
President SPIE/OSA KUL student chapter

SPIEzza + Elections

Dear KUL SPIE/OSA student chapter members,

A new academic year, a new board! At least, if we get elected. This is why we invite you to our first activity, the elections! On October 11, 12.30 in 200D 05.11, we will have a short presentation about our upcoming activities, followed by the actual elections. If we are elected, we will treat everybody to pizza! Please register for the event by October 9 here

Best regards,
Charlotte Verstraete
Candidate President KUL SPIE/OSA student chapter

PS: feel free to invite others as well! We ask a 5 euro fee for non-members, which can be reimbursed if the person becomes a member afterwards.

Seminar: The Art of Illumination

Professor John Koshel, associate dean and professor in illumination design, radiometry at the College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona will give a seminar,
entitled “The Art of Illumination”, on the 16th of June at 11 AM, room PLTK 01.27, Kasteelpark Arenberg 31, 3001 Heverlee.
Illumination systems are used for a number of fields, from lighting to solar concentrators to lithography.
One field that has been gaining traction is Illumination for the art community.
The Illumination Design Group at the College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona has been doing a number of projects in this area,
including modeling light interaction with sculptures based on optics principles,
solid-state lighting of precious works of art, development of spectral systems for art conservation, and so forth.
These systems will be presented, especially the development of tools that can be used in these systems and within the Illumination arena as a whole.
One such tool is the parametrization of freeform optics for oblique lighting.
With this advance further design with extended sources, optimization, and tolerancing becomes realistic.

More about Prof. Koshel:

Professional development day


As many of us will follow a career in industry after obtaining our PhD, we organize a professional development day for PhD researchers on the 26th of April to help you along the way.

Tips for a smooth transition, the importance of networking and guidance on the do’s and don’ts during an application process will be covered by our three (inter)national speakers.

Everyone is welcome to attend, members and non-members, free of charge – we do ask you to register via

Registration will start at 12:30 at the entrance of auditorium 01.29 at Van den Heuvel-Instituut, Leuven.

Looking forward to welcoming you at our event!


Lunch Meeting!


Our best wishes for 2017 from the KU Leuven SPIE and OSA chapter! In just one week, we will be organizing our first event of the year, a lunch meeting on the 17th of January to which we would like to invite you all.

For our first lunch meeting we have the pleasure to welcome Prof. dr. Thierry Verbiest from the department of molecular imaging and photonics for a lecture titled “Detection of Biomagnetic Fields with Faraday Rotation”. This lecture will take place in room 00.63 in building 200G at Heverlee campus at 12h.

Apart from getting the brain juices flowing with our guest lecturer, we will also be providing kebab and drinks for everyone attending. For SPIE and OSA members, food and drinks will be free of charge. Please register via and let us know which type of kebab you would like by the 16th of January.

The SPIE OSA chapter