First lunch meeting!

Dear student chapter members and interested students,

This week we will have our first lunch meeting! The board members will all present their research to you in four short presentations. Afterwards, we will treat you to kebab! Again, like with our first activity, this is free for members, we ask for a €5 fee for non-members.

Please register for this event via the form by Tuesday, October 24, 12.00! The meeting will take place on October 25, 12.00 in Celestijnenlaan 200D, 06.32.

Best regards,
Charlotte Verstraete
President SPIE/OSA KUL student chapter

SPIEzza + Elections

Dear KUL SPIE/OSA student chapter members,

A new academic year, a new board! At least, if we get elected. This is why we invite you to our first activity, the elections! On October 11, 12.30 in 200D 05.11, we will have a short presentation about our upcoming activities, followed by the actual elections. If we are elected, we will treat everybody to pizza! Please register for the event by October 9 here

Best regards,
Charlotte Verstraete
Candidate President KUL SPIE/OSA student chapter

PS: feel free to invite others as well! We ask a 5 euro fee for non-members, which can be reimbursed if the person becomes a member afterwards.